Early Frost

This was written by Pat Duffy Hutcheon for a high school literature assignment, just as World War II was coming to an end.

The snow is on the grass again.
With grim finality the night
has o'er the land a cover lain;
a cover cold and deathly white.

Was it not just a moment since
we felt the warmth of early morn --
when life was surging in our veins
and all our hopes and dreams were born?

Time was when time was limitless,
and bottomless the future's store;
when chances squandered recklessly,
we dreamed that life would soon restore.

But all too soon the Autumn winds
blow cold and twilight follows day;
as, twisting in the webs we've spun
we watch our future pass away.

Regret creeps in like early frost,
confirming what can never be.
And on the frozen pane we weave
for those to come a parting plea.

Live every moment to the full,
tho' it be drear and dark with pain.
For all too soon the days grow short,
and snow is on the grass again.