Free Will

"I am a part of all that I have met,
and all that I have met is part of me."
Now sages tell us that the poet's song has meaning sounder yet
than even he
could see.
For acts that habit only seems to choose
exert a claim the will cannot refuse;
and I in time become
the means I use --
the self that governs me.

But, still, that self is partly fused within the fire of choice.
I learn to value and to strive for what I yet can be.
My values have their source in all that I have done and known.
They are the fruits of all the seeds
that I have ever sown.
And they, in turn, determine
all the dreams I call my own.
Yet, in the reasoned choice of means
to reach the goals that beckon me --
within the limits set by nature
and contingency --
I feel my will is free!

(by Pat Duffy Hutcheon)