To an Old Hiker Turned Astronomer

Written by Pat Duffy Hutcheon for the 90th. birthday of John Liebe, World Federalist and hiking club founder.

You who in nature's ways have trailed,
are now to scholarship confined.
But time and aging limbs have failed
to limit an inquiring mind.

For now a broader range you seek;
horizons new to understand.
You who have climbed earth's mountain peaks
now hold the world within your hand.

You who have probed Life's history,
and mapped the contours of our land,
discover now infinity;
a universe to understand.

For you have found a peace sublime,
in knowing life can only be
a moment in the stream of time
borrowed from eternity.

No more a prisoner of place;
you reach for Jupiter and Mars.
For you have scaled the peaks of space,
and roam at will among the stars.