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Dr. Hutcheon receiving The Distinguished Humanist of the
Year Award from the American Humanist Association 2001

Pat Duffy Hutcheon was named 'Humanist of the Year 2000 by the Humanist Association of Canada and received the Distinguished Service Award of the American Humanist Association for 2001.

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 The Road to Reason

Interview with the the Spokesman-Review of Spokane Washington on September 30, 2000

Table of Contents: 

bullet Biography
bullet Books
bullet Leaving the Cave: Evolutionary Naturalism in Social-Scientific Thought
bullet Harriet Martineau and the Quiet Revolution
bullet The Woman Who Thought Like a Man
bullet Building Character and Culture ( Westport, CT. : Praeger, 1999)
bullet A Sociology of Canadian Education (Toronto, ON:Van Nostrand Reinhold, now Nelson of Canada, 1975)
bullet The Classroom as a Social System
bullet Response to Dr. Baker's Review  New
bullet Humanist Articles
bullet Beyond the Quest for Certainty.   PDF version   New
bullet From the series on the evolution on humanist thought in Humanist in Canada--  Because these articles have been revised and improved in Road to Reason they are no longer available on-line.  Please refer to the book.
bullet Was the Buddha the First Humanist?
bullet Confucius as a Pioneering Humanist
bullet What Lucretius Wrought
bullet The Epicurian Humanism of Omar Khayyam.
bullet Renaissance Humanism and its Unitarian Offshoot
bullet David Hume: Beacon of the Enlightenment
bullet Carl Sagan and Modern Scientific Humanism
bullet The Monistic Naturalism of Ernst Haeckel
bullet John Dewey and the Question of Free Will  
bullet The Ethical Humanism of Albert Schweitzer
bullet Julian Huxley: From Materialism to Evolutionary Naturalism  
bullet The Existentialism of Jean Paul Sartre  
bullet Can Humanism Stem the Rising Tide of Tribalism?
bullet Defining Modern Humanism
bullet Isaac Asimov
bullet Memes as Fundamental Representations in Evolutionary Thought
bullet Is There a Dark Side to Multiculturalism?
bullet On the Nature of Consciousness
bullet The Crusade Against Reason
bullet Fear Ignorance -- Not Sociobiology
bullet The Nature of Humanist Thought
bullet The Quiet Exodus: Where Have All The Humanists Gone?
bullet Science and Mysticism: Are They Compatible?
bullet A Message from an Age of Mysticism
bullet A Critique of "Biology as Ideology: the Doctrine of DNA
bullet Evolutionary Naturalism: the Philosophical Foundations of Humanism
bullet Beyond Right and Left: A Humanist Approach to Politics
bullet A Humanist Perspective on Spirituality
bullet Poems and Sundry
bullet Amazing Life
bullet To a Fallen Comrade
bullet Free Will
bullet Early Frost
bullet The Light Has Gone Out
bullet Martin Luther King Jr
bullet Life is a Stream Evolving
bullet Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Saturday Club
bullet What Price Utopia?
bullet The Maple Leaf
bullet Water
bullet The Terrors of True Belief
bullet A Meeting of the Task Force On Prison Reform
bullet Dr. Schweitzer Remembers
bullet To an Old Hiker Turned Astronomer
bullet Immortality
bullet Gunfire at Night
bullet The Founding Fathers Discuss Religion
bullet Evolutionary Spiral
bullet No More
bullet Review Essays
bullet Review of  "The End of Equality"
bullet Review of the "Mismeasure of Woman"
bullet The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy
bullet Smoke and Mirrors in the Halls of Academe
bullet The Beak of the Finch: The Story of Evolution in our Time
bullet How About the Unreasoning Civilization?
bullet Obscuring the Message and Killing the Messenger: The Bell Curve
bullet A Review of Voltaire's Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
bullet Academic Papers and Presentations
bullet The Unitarian Connection  New
bullet Durkheim and Weber on Sociological Method
bullet An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Science Research
bullet Changing Perspectives on Free Will
bullet Through A Glass Darkly: Freuds' Concept of Love
bullet Multiculturalism in Canada
bullet Seeking Common Ground: Piaget and Skinner on the Nature of Learning
bullet Popper and Kuhn on the Evolution of Science
bullet Evolutionary Naturalism in Social Science
bullet Hannah Arendt on the Concept of Power
bullet Sociology and the Objectivity Problem  
bullet Value theory: Towards Conceptual Clarification  
bullet Power in the Philippines: How Democratic is Asia's First Democracy"?  

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