What does Humanists.net do, and why?

Humanists.net is a key component of the Humanist Internet Project, an initiative of the Institute for Humanist Studies. It is managed by the Institute's dedicated technical staff.

At Humanists.net we provide free Web hosting and e-mail to organizations and individuals whose Web presence has the potential to contribute to the health of the global secular or humanist movements. We offer this service because we are committed to the cooperative use of innovation and technology in promoting the humanist perspective.

Humanists.net does not compete with membership organizations. Humanists.net is pleased to host your organization regardless of its national or international affiliation. To learn more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Need more information? Ready to join us? We'd be happy to help. Contact us with your questions so that one of our support staff can be of assistance.

Note: The Humanists.net program is not currently accepting applications for new Web hosting clients. If your group is interested in this service, please check back here periodically.